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Engagement Shoot Tips + Tricks

Do you have your engagement shoot coming up? Are you nervous? Dunno what to wear? Do you have absolutely no idea what you're doing? Don't worry - I get the same questions from all my couples. Here is how to survive your engagement session...

Step one: Relax. You're in good hands. You've picked your photographer because you love their work. They know what they're doing. It's not like all of their couples before you have been models. They know how to get you to be yourselves and to capture the best of you.

Step two: Ask. If you have questions before or during the shoot - ask away! The best way to prepare for the shoot is to get all your questions answered. Whether it's clarity on the location or what to bring along in terms of wardrobe, your photographer will answer all your questions.

Step three: Focus on what's important - that is, your love. Focus on your partner. I prefer my couples to forget that I'm there and to chat with/kiss/cuddle/tickle their partner. If your photographer needs your attention or for you to change up your pose, they'll tell you.

Don't forget: Be respectful and on time. The same goes for the photographer. This should go unsaid, but both parties should be on time at the location or let each other know if they're running late. In order to start the shoot on a good foot, it's important that nobody is kept waiting too long.

If you're worried about poses have a look at Wandering Weddings' blog post about poses here (where one of my images has been featured too!)

I get a lot of questions about what to wear so here are some images below of my beautiful couple's in their chosen outfits, to show you what works. Stick to natural colours and avoid bright coloured T-Shirts and jeans combos (we get that you look good in anything, but it's important to make an effort).

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